Character Maker XP

Direct DownloadWhen it comes to designing character sets from scratch, I am stuck so rely on these kinds of utilities to help me out. Character Maker XP makes life much easier, as it will create character sets and sprites for you.

Although it is limited as far as the number of resources, you can still create some reasonably good custom character sets for RMXP, even with a small set of graphics available.

Character Maker XP

As you can see from the snapshot above, characters are highly customizable, with a virtual mannequin to model the clothes and extras to work with. You can then export your finished product to RMXP character sets and import them into your games. It also has a feature to edit the resources, but use with caution since it directly modifies the program’s default graphics, with no way to undo the changes, except to reinstall it.

Its ease of use makes it a worthy addition to your games creation software, but there are slightly better ones out there, including online web editors.

Edit (18-Feb-2012): Previously downloadable from Megaupload and we all know what happened to them. Thanks to “Anonymous” for pointing this out. Anyway, download should be working now.

6 thoughts on“Character Maker XP

  1. Hi,
    I am currently making a facebook app in my free time. Am i allowed to use this tool for that? or am i only allowed to use it with rpgmaker?. Like does the application or any images it produces have a license? can i use them commercially? etc

  2. I would imagine that copyrights still apply, i.e. you wouldn’t be able to use RPG Maker materials in other products, so it’d follow that you woudn’t be able to use materials created with this software for anything but RMXP. As a general rule of thumb, for commercial products consider that you will most likely need some kind of licensing permission.

  3. I just wish you could edit the hues for each layer… As it is right now, I have to go into and manually edit everything…

    Its not like its hard, but when you’re making 50+ char-sets it gets tedious :sigh:

    BUT either way it’s still a realy good tool for people with no talent at spriting (like, say, me!)…

    Thanks for uploading it!

  4. I’m not a spriter either, but I agree with you. This character maker is the best one I can find, as limited as it is. I usually use GIMP for a lot of my graphics stuff, and I think it has a batch colourer (or a plugin for it).