Character Maker XP Resources

Unfortunately, the Character Maker XP Online website is no longer available. However, there are still some character generators for RMXP. Bear with me as I finish work on Flower Mint’s Garden, my commissioned website, and I’ll be able to focus on the matter in hand again.

In the meantime, there are a few RMXP Character Makers that I know of, thus:

  • Loose Leaf Character Generator – This site is in Japanese, but it appears to work if it’s translated.
  • Chibi Character Maker – This site allows you to create and download individual sprite sheets. The link has been translated into English from its original Japanese.
  • Character Maker XP – Here is the “original” software previously downloadable from Megaupload before it went offline. I think this version is slightly out of date, but I’ll be updating on the RPG Maker Times Companion blogsite soon.

Thanks again to all those who have pointed out the “missing links” and for providing alternatives. I’ll collect them all up and place them on the Companion blogsite as soon as I’m done with the commissioned website.