Changes For All Downloads


As of 31 March, 2015, scripts and scriptlets will no longer be downloadable directly from this website. Instead, they will become available on my Pastebin account.


Any manuals for the scripts, notably the Q-Engine and its add-ons, will be hosted and available for download elsewhere too. Most likely this will be Google Docs.

Tools & Utilities

The tools & utilities I’m currently hosting here will also be removed from the site and hosted elsewhere or links for direct downloads (for those that are still available) will be given instead.


The reasons behind this are manifold, but the major one is that, due to rapid and unexpected growth and traffic to the site, unfortunately my current host can’t handle it. As a result, there has been an increase in "508 – Resource Limit Reached" errors. While they claim "unlimited" features, because it’s still a shared server, they need to equalise the resources so they temporarily disable this site to compensate.

Therefore, in a bid to conserve those resources – at least until I can afford and justify a $60-$100 per month fee for a dedicated server – this is the way it has to be. I’m NOT happy about this, but in the end you get exactly what you pay for!