Changes Are Afoot

This applies to the RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion sites.

Frequent visitors to this blog will see a major change, specifically the new layout. The template was created by the very talented Diane from Skin Corner (highly recommended to anyone looking for free Blogger templates).

After experimenting with LiveJournal and WordPress for the repository of additional materials and resources, I found that they were extremely limited (and limiting). Blogger is the "original" and by far the most versatile, so the RPG Maker Times Companion (as it will be renamed) will be ported over here.

So, now that the projects that kept me busy last month and part of this month are done, and work has slowed, I can spend more time on updates. What I’m hoping for are more tutorials, windowskins, scriptlets and game reviews.

In the meantime, all of the posts on this blog are intact, but I still have the hideous task of bringing the entries (including the links) up-to-date. This shouldn’t take too long. No doubt, there will be some overlooked links, etc. but I’ll find them eventually!

The RPG Maker 2K3 Master blog will remain as it is (layout wise), but with RM2K3 related tutorials implemented there. This blog will then point to those tut’s and how-to’s.

In addition, any additional materials, resources, scripts, etc. will also be indexed on the forthcoming RPG Maker Times Companion blog to make things much easier to find.