Ars Mechanicum & Gladiator Project Update Announcement

I made the decision to abandon Ars Mechanicum Genesis at the start of the New Year in favour of its novels. At the present time I have no interest in returning to the project, but will continue with the novels instead and place the events in the game intended as an interactive continuation of the novel into a trilogy. It’s been a tough decision but given that I’ve had little or no time to actually develop the game, there’s no point in continuing its development.

I will, however, be continuing work on The Gladiator Project. This will be redeveloped for RMVX, with many of the features in its original RMXP format ported over. I may also eventually develop an RMVXA version too, depending on how much it is when the English version is released and when I actually purchase it.

On a side note, it looks like most likely the English version will be released in the first quarter of this year. My prediction is February/March. Let’s see how close I am. Haha!