Ars Magia — Upcoming Novella Tie-In

I’m in the process of writing a novella, also entitled Ars Magia: Genesis. It is a tie-in with the RPG Maker VX game, also currently under development.

Below is an interactive live demo, where you can read the complete Prologue. The full screen (and easier to read) version is viewable here.

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I’m not sure which came first, novella or game. Perhaps they developed together, as they do go hand in hand. The novella sets the scene for the game and the game continues where the novella ends. That said, I wrote the plot and basic outline for the novella a while ago, then translated it into game format and, as development began, the story – more a preface to the game – evolved.

The novella is far from complete yet, but scheduled release date is March 2011 – if everything goes according to plan. Major updates to the novella will appear here in addition to the game progress.