Ars Magia 1: Genesis – New Project

It’s funny – not funny as in haha!, but funny as in strangely sinister – how sometimes the things you plan meticulously for months in advance just simply fail! And you’re back at the bottom of the ladder, having to crawl your way back up to where you were! Fate can be a cruel mistress!

Click on the image for the “official” update site.

Anyway, my new project! It’s not really new, since I started it way before The Gladiator Project and lost interest in it, and thought I’d lost the project itself. I found it on a DVD gathering dust, so decided to rekindle its flame, placing TGP on the backburner (for multiple reasons).

Not much info on the project at the moment, except this sneak-peek slideshow. If you find the images are too small, the diagonal arrow in the top right-hand corner will take you to full screen.

The aesthetics are messy at the moment, but I’ll be tweaking and expanding them, especially the Status and Equipment screens. I’ll post more thorough updates (including credits) later.

EDIT: Renamed to Ars Magia (mostly).

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