RPG Maker FAQs

These are answers to some of the simpler questions about RPG Maker I’m asked on a regular basis. Many of them have been taken from IM’d questions or targeted keywords at Statcounter. I’ve also taken some from Yahoo! Answers. This section has been radically changed and revamped; some questions have been omitted (for use in later full tutorials or posts).

To ask a question about any of the RPG Makers, simply add it to the comments.

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How do I add/import resources?
How do I disable the “dash” function when you press SHIFT?
How do I make a (boss) battle where you have to lose?
How do I use/implement windowskins?
Is it possible to transfer (and play) RPG Maker games created on the NDS to Windows RPG Makers?
Is there a shorter way to insert a character’s name into a text box, rather than doing it manually?
Why won’t the text display in RPG Maker XP/VX/VXA?
How do I remove saved games?
Is it possible to add scripts to RM2K3?
Is there an Enter/Exit Vehicle glitch?
There aren’t any FAQs for RMXP at the moment.
Is it possible to add movie clips to RMVX/VXA?
What is RMVX "batch entry"?
Can I use RMVX resources with RMVXA?
Can I use RMVX scripts in RMVXA?
Can I use RMXP/VX/VXA resources with RMMV?
Why doesn't the video/sound work?
How do I change the default in-game font?
How do I make a chest (locked/combination/etc.)?
How do I make a chest disappear after being opened?
Are there any online versions of RPG Maker XP or VX?
Are there any other (free) RPG makers available?