Windowskin Generator (RMVX/VXA)

Version: 1.2
Author: Woratana/Aintra
Type: Utility
Platform: RMVX/VXA
Format: RAR
Filesize: 721 Kb
Download From: Mediafire

This is an awesome and very useful utility. It’s a Windowskin Generator for RMVX and it works! Note: It will also work for RMVXA, since they both use the same format.

The idea behind this is to make Windowskin creation easy by selecting various parts and applying them to the skin. It even has a preview area where you can see what the resultant image will look like! Once you’re done, the finished product can be saved and imported into RMVX for use in your games.

It can be run directly from RMVX or as a standalone program. If used as standalone, the RGSS2002e.dll may be needed. (You’ll have to search for this on your own).

Windowskin Generator RMVX
Windowskin Generator RMVX