Character Creator Studio (RMVX)

Version: 2.0
Author: ??
Type: Utility
Platform: RMVX
Format: RAR
Filesize: 2 Mb

Just like the Character Maker for RMXP, Character Creator Studio VX allows the creation of RMVX character sets. It does have a lot of resources available to create some decent characters, with the ability to add multiple items.

What I like most about this program though is its simplicity, ease of use and versatility, as well as its rich features (outlined below). You can create some presentable customized character sets with it for use in your games.

Character Creator Studio VX
Character Creator Studio VX
All images are saved as PNG format, including the character building resources, which means that, if you know what you’re doing, you can create your own hairstyles, clothes, etc. and use them directly.

Not only that, Character Creator Stuido also comes bundled with another program, called Sprite Stitcher. This allows you to “stitch” individual character sets together (created with the Studio or somewhere else) into a single character set, up to the maximum of eight. You can then use them in your projects as complete character sheets or individual charsets (by placing a $ at the beginning of the filename.)

These are the major functions of this excellent utility:

  • Large Preview – A separate window for a much larger preview of characters, updated “live”.
  • Undo – Unlimited undo’s if something doesn’t look right.
  • Reset – Resets the character set to its default “naked” state.
  • Save – Save your creations as individual charsets.
  • Import/Export Allows you to import and export additional resources either premade or from existing character sets.

In short, this program is the best one I’ve come across so far. I know that for myself I’m so glad I stumbled across this program simply because spriting is NOT something I’m good at. And I know that others will find it as much of a boon as I do.

Highly Recommended.