XY Machine (RMXP/VX/VXA)

Version: 1.00
Author: Maki
Type: Utility
Platform: RMXP/VX/VXA
Format: ZIP
Filesize: 535 Kb

One annoying thing about designing layouts in RPG Maker is repositioning and resizing windows. You often have to approximate the XY coordinates, often resulting in going back in and readjusting them and testing again.

The XY Machine takes some of the hard work out of the guesswork. This useful utility allows you to set the X and Y coordinates of the window, as well as the width and height. Then you can use that information in RPG Maker. It can be used for RMXP, VX and VXA (with a few adjustments); the easiest way is to make use of its fullscreen option.

XY Machine (RMXP/VX/VXA)
XY Machine (RMXP/VX/VXA)
You can reposition the window by dragging it on screen and click the window to update the coordinates. Height and width needs to be manually adjusted in the box, however, and then recalculate accordingly, which is fine but a draggable width/height would be a useful feature to have.

One of the problems I have is that there’s only one window, so making a WYSIWYG multi-window layout isn’t possible, except for one window at a time. The information area housing the XY and width/height can be hidden by the window; it would be better if it was always in the front.

Despite these two minor problems, the XY Machine is very useful for defining the window specifications. I’ve used it on numerous occasions for adjusting layout. It’s worth having as part of your RPG Maker development kit.