Resource Hacker (RM2K3/XP/VX/VXA)

Version: 3.2.6
Author: Angus Johnson
Type: Utility
Platform: RM2K3/XP/VX/VXA
Format: ZIP
Filesize: 529 Kb

Resource Hack (often abbreviated to ResHack) is a great utility that allows modification of games or RM2K/3 settings. Game icons, logos, text, individual settings, etc. can be modified to suit individual needs.

For the most part, ResHack is used primarily to alter the "default" icons and in-game graphics, as well as some information about the game. Other icon files can be used for this purpose and then the EXE file is re-compiled accordingly.

Resource Hacker (RM2K3)
Resource Hacker (RM2K3)

Note: It is against Enterbrain’s Terms & Conditions to directly modify the RPG Maker program, Runtime Package (RTP), and resources, but the English versions of RM2K/3 were never "legal" or endorsed by Ascii/Enterbrain. This utility is included here only because of its usefulness and perhaps for posterity.