Tweaks & Add-Ons Script RMXP (TWAXP)

Tweaks & Add-Ons Script RMXP (TWAXP)

The Tweaks & Add-Ons script adds several tweaks to RMXP, including for layout. It also adds some unavailable features and functions and other enhancements.

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Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RMXP
Script Type: Script/Add-On
Required: None
Fileseze: 57 Kb
File Format: TXT
Release Date: 23 July 2014
Last Update: 20 January 2015
Since repurchasing and reinstalling RMXP through a previous Humble Bundle deal, as I started experimenting with RGSS again a few things started developing and the Tweaks & Add-Ons script was born.

My old computer blew up – yes, literally! – taking with it all of my RMXP scripts, but I can still remember a few of them, so will try to restore them from memory as and when I can. One of them is a basic RMXP equivalent of the Extra Stats I did for RMVX. And some of my RMXP scripts still exist in an old backup I have of The Gladiator Project from the days it was a project for RMXP.

The main tweaks in this version are:

  • Alternative Parameter Terms: Allows you to change the default parameter terms (including the "hidden" parameters HIT and EVA).
  • Labels for Name and Class: Adds Name: and Class: before the characters' name and class details.
  • Icons for The Steps, Play Time and Gold Windows: Adds icons to these windows and fits them on the Status Menu.
  • Version Number Display: Allows you to display the version number of your project in the top right-hand corner of the Title Screen (the XY co-ordinates can be changed).
  • Status Screen Alternative Layout: A simple alternative layout for the Status Screen.
  • Class Icons: Each character can have its own unique icon to represent his/her class.
  • States As Icons: States are displayed as icons instead of the default text.
  • Health States: Depending on HP percentage, a new health state is displayed, e.g. if HP is between 25% and 49% the character's Health State is "Heavily Injured".
  • Skip Title Option: Enables developers to skip the title completely for game testing.
  • Gold Comma Delimiters: Inserts commas into larger amounts of gold, e.g. 10000000 becomes 10,000,000 for easier readability.

All options can be toggled ON or OFF in the settings.

  • Bitmap Add-Ons: Adds several methods to Bitmap, including for drawing horizontal lines and text titles.
  • Draw Icons: An added method to be able to draw icons directly in scripts.
There may be a few incompatibilities (I’ve not been able to test it) since it virtually rewrites Scene_Title and Window_Status for a cleaner output. These may be addressed as time goes by.
Copy and paste between Materials and Main.
This will definitely be updated in the future. Some of the things I’m considering adding for Version 2.0 and beyond are:
  • Actor enhancements
  • Battle tweaks and add-ons
  • Confirm exit
  • Equipment screen expansion
  • Menu tweaks
  • States icons + words
  • Status add-ons