RMXP Tools

RMXP Tools

This is a list of all utilities for RMXP, including the current versions. They are available for download from RPG Maker Times Companion.

Character Maker (RMXP)

When it comes to designing character sets from scratch, I am stuck so rely on these kinds of utilities to help me out. Character Maker XP makes life much easier, as it will create character sets and sprites for you. Although it is limited as far as the number of resources, you can still create some reasonably good custom character sets for RMXP, even with a small set of graphics available. As you can see from the snapshot above, characters are highly customizable, with a virtual mannequin to model the clothes and extras to work with. You can then export your finished product to RMXP character sets and then import […]

Move Event (RMXP)

It can be very time-consuming trying to figure out specific character movements, often meaning that you have to playtest and tweak until you have it just right. I’ve had many frustrating moments where the characters have moved slightly too far, putting the rest of the “scene” out of sync. Or where the cut scene has frozen because characters are trying to move but are walking into walls. With this utility it takes some of the pain away. What it does is allow you to record the keystrokes from the directional keys, then either preview it as a graphical representation or as a “live” demonstration (playing back the recorded keystrokes) in […]

Windowskin Maker (RMXP)

This is similar to the Windowskin Generator for RMVX, which is a superlative utility that I use frequently to experiment with or create windowskins. But this one is for RMVX, created by Henry Fagan, which I found at RM Unlimited. Unlike the RMVX version, which runs within RMVX itself or standalone, this utility is just standalone. Its ease of use makes it very useful indeed, but you do have to create your own resources for it – backgrounds, arrows, etc. – as it none are provided with the program. This should not pose too many problems anyway, as long as you know the individual sizes for the different parts. ¶Resource […]

Project Organiser (RMXP)

This nifty little utility (from Henry Fagan AKA Evil Cabbage), just as the title suggests, gives you the chance to easily manage all your RMXP projects. First off, you can launch or edit projects directly from the program, making it much easier than loading them individually in RMXP first. Note: You can launch RMVX projects as well, although you can’t edit them without receiving an error message. This application is packed with other very useful features. You can change the game’s title, restore the database and scripts in a project to default, delete unwanted save files rather than manually in the project folder itself, and if any RGSS dlls are […]