Map Music In Battles Scriptlet (RMXP)

Map Music In Battles Scriptlet (RMXP)

The Map Music In Battles Scriptlet enables the current map BGM to play throughout battles without pausing, disabling the battle BGM and victory ME completely.

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The current map music will continue throughout the entire battle with no separate battle music or victory sound effect.

This was based on a question at Yahoo! Answers, so I decided to expand it slightly and add functionality to make it easier to toggle on or off.

Copy and paste the scriptlet above Main.

The following can be used to toggle the scriptlet on or off, used in either directly in a script or in a Script event command:

   $game_battle_bgm.battle_music = true/false

This might be relevant for boss battles, where different music than the map’s might be more appropriate.

At the moment, there are no additional requirements for the scriptlet to run. It should be a simple plug-and-play script.
There shouldn’t be any incompatibility issues, except with those that affect the post-battle phase (phase 5).
Copy and paste above Main.
There are no plans to update this script at present.