Q-Engine Combat Add-On (QES-CBS)

The Q-Engine is a plug-and-play script that allows you to add features to your game and customize them according to your needs, including the Combat Add-On (QES-SSA), which enhances the combat system and provides further options to improve performance and layout. In time, there might be additional enhancements to the combat system itself as the Q-Engine further develops.

Various other add-ons are also available to enhance your game further.

Status Screen Add-On for the Q-EngineMain FeaturesScript RequirementsVideo DemoManualDownloadFuture Updates
The Q-Engine Status Combat Add-On enhances combat system, providing further options to improve performance and layout.

At the moment the QES-CBS only has a few features for layout and doesn’t focus too much on the combat system. Later updates will add more functionality to the combat system as a whole.

It was originally part of the Q-Engine, but was extracted to make future expansion easier.

Here’s a showcase some of its major features. All of these are customizable.

  • Battle Start/End Images – Displays a corresponding image at the start and end of combat.
  • Show Battle Faces – Displays faces instead of the default character graphics.
  • Post-Combat Restore HP/MP/States – Restores HP, MP and States after combat. ¶ This has been temporarily disabled because the routine is being rewritten.
  • Battle Turn Counter – Displays a window measuring the number of turns.
The following modules are required for the QES-ATA to run (in order):

No video demo is available yet, but I’m aiming to have a video showcasing the different effects that can be achieved with the QES-CBS.
The Q-Engine is constantly developing, with new features being added regularly. Planned updates for the QES-CBS are essentially tweaks to improve or change the layout of the combat system.

Other add-ons will be implemented in due time.