Q-Engine Script (QES)

Q-Engine Script (QES)

The Q-Engine is a plug-and-play script that allows you to add features to your game and customize them according to your needs, including an animated title screen and alternative Status screen. Various add-ons are also available to enhance your game further.

Q-EnginePersonal NotesMain FeaturesScript RequirementsVideo DemoAdd-OnsInstall InstructionsManualDownloadFuture Updates
Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RMVX
Script Type: Script/Add-On
Required: None
Fileseze: 44 Kb
File Format: TXT/ZIP/EXE
Release Date: 10 March 2015
Last Update: 6 October 2015
The main aim of the Q-Engine is to add new features and functions to RMVX. It was originally created to incorporate all of the scripts from the Scripts/Add-Ons Compendium (no longer updated, since it’s been completely integrated into the Q-Engine).

The script has been greatly expanded from a simple system of tweaks and minor additions into a complete engine. Over time, further development will take place to append additional plug-and-play "modules" that will enhance things like layout, functionality and the system itself, giving options to integrate them fully or disable them as necessary. One such add-on is the Q-Engine CBS (currently in its second-phase beta), which adds additional perks, features and tweaks to the combat system.

A text-only version of the script to copy and paste into your project is available. Work has also begun on the full manual, which will be available in DOC or PDF soon. The manual has not been updated to reflect the changes in version 4.0 yet.

Here’s a showcase some of its major features (in alphabetical order). All of these are customization from the Configuration Settings.

  • Actor Options – Displays additional bonuses derived from objects and actor options (set in the Database.)
  • Actor Ranks/Titles – A feature where a title is given depending on the actors’ levels.
  • Alternative Layout – An alternative Status Screen layout, replete with titles. This feature has recently undergone a rewrite for improvements and compatibility issues.
  • Confirm Exit: – Confirms you’d like to exit the game.
  • Menu Information Windows – Provides additional information about each menu command (Title and Game Over menus).
  • Pretitles/Last Names – Gives options to include a pretitle and last name (surname).
  • Random Title/Game Over Backgrounds: Displays random Title and/or Game Over images.
The following modules are required for the Q-Engine to run:

This is the updated version of the Q-Engine showcasing some of its features.

These add-ons provide extra features and functions. Note: This section is undergoing a big change. I’m hoping for video demos to showcase specific features for each add-on.

As of 30 April, 2015, the Q-Engine will no longer be actively updated or supported, as I’m focusing on other projects, scripts and specifically RMVXA. Development may resume at a later date, but for now I have no plans for any further updates to the Q-Engine.

The Q-Engine is constantly developing, with new features being added regularly. Rather than putting them in a huge script, however, they’ve been put into separate add-ons.

Version 4.0a is ready for download! Future versions will focus on the add-ons and general improvements.

Version 5.0 is in progress. This version’s focus is on improvements to the Q-Engine and further add-ons.