These are the scripts, scriptlets and add-ons I’ve done for RMVX.

Q-Engine Logo - RMVX

Q-Engine Script (QES)

The Q-Engine is a plug-and-play script that allows you to add features to your game and customize them according to your needs, including an animated title screen and alternative Status screen. Various add-ons are also available to enhance your game further.
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Developer's Mode Script

This script puts RMVX into "Developer’s Mode" and allows you to bypass the Title Screen completely for a number of reasons, particularly when playtesting a game in development. It’s basically a skip title script that can be toggled on or off easily.

Extra Stats Script (ESS)

The Extra Stats Script displays a new window containing extra in-game statistics, such as number of battles won, number of chests opened and amount of cumulative gold collected. An RMVXA version is also available. Version 4.0 is complete and is available for download. Version 3.0 is still available for anyone preferring it.