Windowskin Changer Scriptlet

Windowskin Changer Scriptlet

This simple scriptlet allows you to change the windowskin in the middle of the game using a script call Event Command.

In addition to being able to change the windowskin, there is also an option to reset the windowskin to its default, also by using a script call Event Command.

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Version: 1.2
Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RMVX
Script Type: Script
Required: None
Fileseze: 7 Kb
File Format: TXT
Release Date: 10 May 2013
Last Update: 24 May 2013
The primary functions of this scriptlet are to be able to change and reset the windowskin mid-game.

Changing the windowskin mid-game can be useful if you want to set the mood or vary the theme. As an example, if the game takes on darker undertones you could change the windowskin to reflect that with a simple command.

A word of caution, however, don’t overuse changing the windowskin, as it can become distracting.

Windowskins must be imported into the Graphics/System folder.

The list of usable windowskins is defined in the WINDOWSKINS hash. The default (used to reset the windowskins) is 0. It’s best to leave this alone unless you want to change the system’s default windowskin completely.

To change the windowskin, use the following:


where windowskin corresponds to the number in the WINDOWSKINS hash – NOT the windowskin filename.

To reset the windowskin to the system default, use the following:


You can add more windowskins to the hash and call them during the game.

Copy and paste between Materials and Main.
Changed windowskins don’t automatically update, except when you open up the Status Screen. I’ll resolve this in a future version.

Some time in the future, the ability to use and change multiple windowskins will be added.