Single Key Shut Down Scriptlet

Single Key Shut Down Scriptlet

The Single Key Shut Down Scriptlet provides a way to shut down the game very quickly, without having to either click on the X to close the window or go through any of the menus to end the game.

The scriptlet actually developed out of boredom, but I guess it could have its practical uses, such as when playing at work and the boss approaches, you’ll likely need a fast, effective method of shutting RPG Maker down.

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Version: 1.0.0
Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RMVX
Script Type: Script
Required: None
Fileseze: 5 Kb
File Format: TXT
Release Date: 26 April 2014
Last Update: 26 April 2014
Place the script between Materials and Main.

The key to be used can be changed in the KPSDS module. Available keys to use: Z, SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, F5, F6, F7 or F8.

Usually when you shut down the game, you’d click the X in the top right of the window or you’d go through one of the menus, either from the Title or Status screens.

This scriptlet allows you to set a key to be able to shut down the game quickly. As a result, the game will NOT be saved.

Copy and paste between Materials and Main.
[wpdm_file id=26]
I’m hoping to add a function to auto-save on exit some time in the future. This way you will not lose your progress after the game shuts down.