Windowskins Tutorials

There are several windowskin tutorials in this section, with more added later. There aren’t any windowskins on this site; they’re hosted on the RPG Maker Times Windowskins instead.

How To Use Windowskins

Each RPG Maker handles windowskins differently. This tutorial shows how to successfully import and use windowskins in RMXP, VX, VXA and MV. To use any of the windowskins featured here, right-click the windowskin of your choice and save it onto your hard drive. Do NOT save it directly into the RPG Maker folders. Instead, use the "Import" function under "Resource Manager" (F10), except for RMMV where you DO save directly into the system folder to use.

RMVX To RMVXA Windowskin Tweak – How To

There has been a flurry of questions about RMVXA windowskins. Essentially they are the same as RMVX, so any windowskin designed for RMVX will also work with RMVXA. As with RMVX, use the Resource Manager (F10) in RMVXA to import the chosen windowskin into the Graphics/System folder. When used in a game, they will look almost the same (see the comparisons below). However, RMVXA has additional colour settings that override the background graphic normally displayed in RMVX, resulting in only the border and cursor from the windowskin showing and the background becomes the default window colors. RMVX Windowskin RMVXA Windowskin As you can see, the windowskins are the same, but […]

How To Change Windowskins Using RGSS

As the title states, the How To Change Windowskins Using RGSS tutorial is to demonstrate how to change a windowskin using RGSS. Each RPG Maker (RMXP, VX and VXA) handles windowskins slightly differently but the scripting process is essentially the same. How Windowskins Are Handled Changing Windowskins With RGSS So to change the default windowskin, import it into the appropriate folder (the filename itself doesn’t matter) and then look for the corresponding lines in Window_Base. Remember that RMVX windowskins are also compatible with RMVXA. Always Alias It’s always recommended that you use alias as and when you can, rather than directly modifying any of the default scripts. That way it […]