Extra Chapter 3: Respawning Chests

A commonly asked question is how to create respawnable chests, which is where the chest disappears after it’s opened then when you return to the location the chest is back. In RPG Maker, this is quite simple.


Setting Up The Chest

Create a basic chest as normal. However, instead of creating another switch and page, at the very end of the Event Commands list, place the "Erase Event" instead. So, using the Random Gold example, the complete code would look like this:

<>Variable Oper: [0008:Random Gold] Set, Rnd [5- 100] <>Message: You receive V[8] gold.
<>Change Money: V[0008] Add
<>Erase Event
Coming soon!
Coming soon!

Now whenever you leave and re-enter the map, the chest will reappear and you can access the contents (in this case a random amount of gold) all over again.

"Erase Event" vs Switch

"Erase Event" is always temporary, whereas a switch (and corresponding page) is permanent while the switch is turned ON. Both have their uses in the game, so it’d be up to you to decide whether you want something temporary or permanent.

Next Chapters

This is the last chapter in the Chests Tutorials, but there will be more in the near future. A number of suggestions and inspirations have already occurred, so if you’d like to add your own, feel free to use the comments below.