Extra Chapter 2: Random Gold

As a continuation of the Chest Tutorials Extras section, this is a variation on the Random Contents tutorial. Instead of using random items, we’ll be generating a random amount of gold obtained from a chest.


Creating The Chest

Create a basic chest as normal. If you’ve been following this tutorial, the chest event will be named "Chest E2" and for Page 2 create the attendant switch is "Chest E2 Opened".

Adding The Gold

We need to create a random number, so for this it can be stored in the variable Random Gold. For this tutorial, we’ll set a number between 5 and 100, which can be changed, of course. If you’ve been following this tutorial, it’ll be variable number 0008 (or you can use 0001:Randomizer again). In the Event Commands, place the following:

<>Variable Oper: [0008:Random Gold] Set, Rnd [5- 100] <>Message: You receive V[8] gold.
<>Change Money: V[0008] Add
<>Switch Operation: [0011:Chest E2 Opened] ON
Coming soon!
Coming soon!

And that’s it!

Next Chapter

The next chapter is Extra Chapter 3: Respawning Chests.