Chapter 8: Items by Level (Player Level)

Chapter 8: Items by Level (Player Level)

Chests can contain higher-level items, such as weapons, which are only accessible when a character reaches a certain level. If the character is the required level, they can open the chest, otherwise it remains closed.

Setting Up The Chest

Set up the basic chest (from Chapter 1), setting the chest name to "Chest 8" and the switch Condition on Page 2 to "Chest 8 Opened" also.

In the Events Commands, we need to set up a "Branch Condition" to check the player’s level. If it’s the required level, the chest will open as usual. If not, a message is displayed stating that you are not a high enough level to receive the item.

The complete code is:

Chapter 8: Items by Level - Fig. 1 (RM2K3)
Chapter 8: Items by Level – Fig. 1 (RM2K3)
Coming soon!
Coming soon!

Increasing The Player’s Level

To increase the level required, simply change the value in the "Branch Condition", and the item accordingly. Additional "Branch Conditions" and items can be added (in the "Else") handlers for additional levels.

Of course, I’ve stuck with the defaults, but you can choose whichever party member you’d like to receive the item, perhaps a class-specific weapon or piece of armour. Different coloured chests could be used to differentiate between the class levels required for the item.

Next Chapter

We can now move onto Extra Chapter 1: Front Opening.