The Complete Chests Tutorial

The Complete Chests Tutorial

Treasure chests are an integral part of any RPG game. This tutorial was originally set up to answer some of the commonest questions about chests and, as it expanded, The Complete Chest Tutorial was born.

To make it easier, the tutorial has been divided into chapters, starting with the basics then working up to the more advanced tutorials. Some chapters are linked with others, so in order for them to be used instructions from the previous chapters need to be implemented first. The different chapters in this tutorial are:

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These are additional how-to’s on chests, either as expansions for other how-to’s or based on frequently asked questions and inspired ideas.

Additional chapters may be added here as the need arises (through inspiration or suggestions). As each chapter is finished, I’ll add the link here. If you have any suggestions for the The Complete Chests Tutorial, feel free to use the comments section below.

  • Multiple Keys for Locked Chest
  • Renewable Contents
  • Items by Location (Map ID)
  • Respawning Chests
  • Teleport Chests
  • Lockpicking Skill
  • Random Gold
  • Disappearing/Reappearing Chest
  • Chest Animations Effects
  • Respawning Chest (Time Limited)
  • Open From Front with Direction Specific Message (Extra Chapter 1b)
Note: At present the tutorial is only for RM2K3. In time, I will implement one for the other RPG Makers, but it should be easy to adapt since it uses event commands.
Although a demo is available for the RM2K3 version of the Complete Chests Tutorial (it’s floating somewhere online), there are no demos on-site yet. Downloadable demos will be made available for all RPG Makers once they’ve been (re)updated.