RPG Maker Tutorials

These are all of my RPG Maker Tutorials, which includes RM2K/3, XP, VX, VX Ace and MV.

Complete Tutorials

This section is dedicated to complete and comprehensive tutorials, specifically where they are continued as a series.

Resource Tutorials

The Resource Tutorials show how to create your own resources in RPG Maker. Some of these have been extracted from their original posts in the Resources Templates (specifically for RM2K3). In time, this will be further expanded to include other templates for other RPG Makers.

Fun With Events

Events (whether Map Events, Common Events or Battle Events) is a simple, but very powerful, method for instructing the Player, NPC or enemy to do something and for controlling the overall flow of the game. Some of the tutorials in the Fun With Events section are simple and some are more complex.

Script Tutorials

These are various script tutorials for RPG Maker. Most are simple, basic how-to’s taken from their previous posts and placed in a single convenient place. Some have subsequently been expanded and compiled into an independent script/scriptlet.

Fun With Variables

Variables are an integral part of RPG Maker, whether they’re through events or scripts. The Fun With Variables section contains several tutorials about what you can do with variables, particularly focusing on RM2K3 and events. While it’s more feasible to use variables via scripts in RMXP, RMVX and RMVXA, sometimes there will be occasions where using variables through events is more plausible.

Windowskins Tutorials

There are several windowskin tutorials in this section, with more added later. There aren’t any windowskins on this site; they’re hosted on the RPG Maker Times Windowskins instead.