RM2K3 Tutorials

RM2K3 Tutorials

This is a list of all tutorials for RM2K3. They may also work with RM2K (who uses this now anyway?!) as well.

Tutorial: Blue Mage Skill - Method I (RM2K3)

The "Blue Mage skill" tutorial is one of the most common tutorials I’m asked for. And for those that don’t know, it’s a job class from the Final Fantasy series, where characters can learn enemy skills. Blue Mages were introduced in Final Fantasy V, which I absolutely love as much as I love the Blue Mage skill itself. I saw Momonja’s tutorial from RPG2K Net (under redevelopment at the time of writing) on Blue Magic and decided to "tweak" it slightly and improve upon it. So how do you emulate this job class in RM2K3? Well, there are actually several methods. This is one of the methods on how to […]

Tutorial: Blue Mage Skill - Random Target (RM2K3)

This is an expansion of the Blue Mage Skill tutorial, but instead of targeting monsters in sequence (i.e. starting with the first monster then going onto the next after that monster is slain) we can create a routine where the target is randomly chosen. Knowledge Base Setting Up Random Target Setup For this tutorial, there will need be two monsters in the Monster Party, preferably two different ones. We’ll be using one Slime and one Spider for the this tutorial. Create 3 pages in the Battle Events commands. Final Note This can be very time-consuming, as each monster in the monster party requires a separate page. To add more monsters, […]
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battlefield System Tutorial (RM2K3)

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battlefield System Tutorial (RM2K3)

This tutorial teaches how to set up a multi battle system similar to the one used in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, where you can clear out certain areas (represented by crossed swords in the game). It’s a simple method that can easily be adapted for your game. For convenience, the demo can be downloaded for quicker installation and study. This is a complete project, including the RTP, so you can extract it directly into your RM2K3 Projects folder. Knowledge Base Variables Set up 3 Variables: Randomize, Num Battles and Battles Left. In this example, the variables are assigned to 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Common Events We will only need […]

8-Directional Movement (RM2K3)

This is a simple method for moving in 8 directions, rather than the standard 4 (up, down, left and right). This is not the best method, but it is workable, using the keypad, which means that Numlock must be on. Knowledge Base Common Events Forks/Branch Conditions Variables Variables We’ll only need one variable for the movement system, 0001:Dir Move. Common Events Open the Database (F9) and create a new Common Event, 8-Dir Movement and set the “Trigger” to “Parallel Process”. This means that it will run in the background until one of the movement keys is pressed. Leave the “Switch” blank. In the “Event Commands” section, place the following commands: […]

System Set Tutorial (RM2K3)

Breaking the System Set template down into its component parts, we can have a better understanding about how the components work, thus: A: Size: 32×32. This is the window background. It can be a single color or gradients, or even an image. B: Size: 32×32. This is the frame around the window (3 pixels wide) and the up and down arrows for scrolling through options. The arrows are 8×8 in size by default, but for the best results 10×8 is recommended with 2 pixels between each arrow. C: Size: 32×32. These two are the patterns used for the command cursor. If they are two different patterns, the cursor will flash […]

System2-Set - Tutorial Part 2 (RM2K3)

System 2 is the "Battle Menu Set", used in battles to determine the cursor for targeting enemies and allies. It also displays the ATB bar and the numbers for HP and MP display in gauge type battles (set in the Battle Layout options of the Database). All In Gold Gold System2 Set A gold themed System2 Set reminiscent of royalty, this was the first I ever created (or re-created would be more accurate). The numbers on the gauge aren’t really that clear, but I kept it as is for posterity.This was the first I ever created (or re-created would be more accurate). The numbers on the gauge aren’t really that […]