RM Tool (RM2K3)

Version: 1.0
Author: Comet Studios
Type: Utility
Platform: RM2K/2K3*
Format: ZIP
Filesize: 30 Kb

This utility scans RPG Maker games for missing files and gives instructions on how to fix it. For example, if a MIDI or particular graphics file is missing from the game’s Project folder, this tool will tell you which one is missing.

*Note: The program was made specifically for RM2K, but works as well with RM2K3, except for 2K3-specific folders (i.e. System2, BattleChars, CharSets, etc.); they just won’t be scanned.

RMTool - Scan Resources
RMTool – Scan Resources

If any files are missing, you can then import those resources into your project. The program will then "fix" the missing files.

RMTool - Import Missing Resources
RMTool – Import Missing Resources