Chipset Template (RM2K3)

A Chipset contains the main map graphics to build your world.

Image Size: 480×256, comprising all of the components for maps.

Chipset Template (RM2K3)
Chipset Template (RM2K3)

The dark blue and black squares are where the water autotile animations go (an example of which is already present).

The orange and gray squares are used for additional animations, such as a flickering torch or lamp. Each row is one set of animations.

The blue and black squares are where the autotiles go, as for things like forest, grass, desert or carpet. Each individual autotile set comprises a 3×4 grid.

The red and dark blue squares are where the background tiles go, such as bushes and cities on a world map or furniture and decorations on an interior map.

Finally, the pink and blue squares are for the transparent foreground tiles go, such as windows, doors or pictures, which are also used for events. Note that the first pink square on the left must be kept as this is used for blank events.