RM2K3 Resource Templates

RM2K3 Resource Templates

These are the various resource templates for RM2K3. As part of the new, expansive resource templates tutorials, which will eventually extend to all RPG Makers, this series will demonstrate how to create your own resources from scratch. You can use any graphics editor for editing, but for RM2K3 resources the best program to use is for this is Character Maker 1999.

These are listed in the same order that they appear in RM2K3.

Charset Template (RM2K3)

Charsets represent the animated characters, including NPCs and some events. Image Size: 288×256, containing up to 8 characters. Each charset comprises 12 squares, divided into 4 rows of 3 columns, representing the 3 animation frames for each direction. The top row is where the character is moving upwards (north), the second row is moving right (east), the third is moving down (south), and the bottom row is moving left (west).

Chipset Template (RM2K3)

A Chipset contains the main map graphics to build your world. Image Size: 480×256, comprising all of the components for maps. The dark blue and black squares are where the water autotile animations go (an example of which is already present). The orange and gray squares are used for additional animations, such as a flickering torch or lamp. Each row is one set of animations. The blue and black squares are where the autotiles go, as for things like forest, grass, desert or carpet. Each individual autotile set comprises a 3×4 grid. The red and dark blue squares are where the background tiles go, such as bushes and cities on […]

Faceset Template (RM2K3)

Facesets are for providing a graphical "face" for message box conversations or items found. Image Size: 192×192, containing up to 8 characters. Each square contains a single face, which can also be expressions representing surprise, anger, etc. This adds an extra dimension to the game.

System Set Template (RM2K3)

System Set is located in the System folder; this is used for the main menus and windows/text boxes. Image Size: 160×80. The basic System layout looks like this: Once "filled in", this will determine how the messages appear, including text colors, in text boxes and menus; in other words, the main interface. The complete tutorial can be viewed here.

System2 Set Template (RM2K3)

System 2 graphics, located in the System2 folder, are the "Battle Menu Set", used in battles to determine the cursor for targeting enemies and allies. It also displays the ATB bar and the numbers for HP and MP display in gauge type battles (set in the "Battle Layout" options of the Database). Image Size: 80×96 This is a "default" template for creating your own System2 designs.