Global Commas Delimiter (VX/VXA)

Large numbers by default are grouped together, often making it less easy to read without separators. The Global Commas Delimiter Scriptlet separates large numbers with commas, thus: 1848954 becomes 1,848,954. This applies to windows wherever gold is displayed (on the status or in shops).

This is only available for RMVX and RMVXA. It most likely is possible in RMXP, but due to the way RGSS is structured I’m not willing to do it, as it would require rewriting large chunks of code.
The refresh method is overwritten in RMVX.
With RMVXA, refresh is overwritten.

You don’t need to alter anything in the Window_Gold, Window_ShopBuy or Window_ShopSell windows. This scriptlet does it automatically.

A new method, to_comma to Window_Base so you can use it to delimiter any large number with commas. Just add .to_comma(n), where n is the number to convert.