Global Colors Module (GCM)

Global Colors Module (GCM)

The Global Colors Module (GCM) contains some of the most common colours, conveniently named and ready to use in your games, rather than having to manually define them using the standard RGB format.

You can add your own predefined colours using the same format and use them in your scripts.

Global Colors ModulePersonal NotesInstall InstructionsRequirementsUsageDownloadFuture Updates
Version: 2.0
Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RMXP/VX/VXA
Script Type: Module
Required: Yes (for a number of my scripts)
Fileseze: 10 Kb
File Format: TXT
Release Date: 10 September 2012
Last Update: 19 October 2013
The Global Colors Module was originally used to combine the 12 most commonly used colours for the The Gladiator Project, but it was expanded to include other colours.

In many of my scripts, this module (along with the Universal Configuration Settings Module) is required. If it’s missing or disabled, then a friendly dialog box will appear to alert you and prompt you to install or enable it before being able to proceed.

Copy and paste the module between Materials and Main. It must be installed above all other scripts to make use of the colours.
The GCM requires no additional scripts, although it is required to use a number of my scripts.
To use the Global Colors Module in scripts, you can either:

  • Call colours directly with COLORS::WHITE as an example, or
  • Include it in a class using include CW_GLOBAL_COLORS.

Note that these are case sensitive. Common colours are all capitals.

Further colours will be added in the future, based on the HTML colours, to provide a much broader colour range to use in your scripts.