Universal Scriptlets


The Universal Scriptlets are available for all (or most) RPG Makers. These are plug-n-play, with a subroutine to check which version of RPG Maker is being used and calling the appropriate code routines.

I usually try to convert or universalize them wherever possible; sometimes, it just can’t be done efficiently to warrant a conversion.


Global Commas Delimiter (VX/VXA)

Large numbers by default are grouped together, often making it less easy to read without separators. The Global Commas Delimiter Scriptlet separates large numbers with commas, thus: 1848954 becomes 1,848,954. This applies to windows wherever gold is displayed (on the status or in shops). You don’t need to alter anything in the Window_Gold, Window_ShopBuy or Window_ShopSell windows. This scriptlet does it automatically. A new method, to_comma to Window_Base so you can use it to delimiter any large number with commas. Just add .to_comma(n), where n is the number to convert.