Arabian Nights Resource Pack

The folks at RPG Maker Web have done it again! We were previously presented with the Modern Shop Add-On, purchasable for only $5.99.

This time, however, we have the awe-inspiring Arabian Nights Resource Pack. It costs $9.99, but it’s worth the price. It’s stunning!

Image borrowed from RPG Maker Web

I’m promptly reminded of one of my favourite SNES games, Arabian Nights and, of course, the Aladdin movies.

To be brutally honest, I’m not sure about the music sample they have on their page, entitled Arabian Nights – Town. It’s too shrill and tinny and gave me a headache, though it’s probably not the best one in the pack.

I know one thing, there’s a small fortune amassing in my bank account specifically for all this cool RPG Maker stuff (yes, including RMVXA).