Another “Still Here” Update

I just realised today that the Flash menu was horrendously out of date, so I’ll get a more up to date menu up tomorrow.

The Ars Mechanicum (pseudo-) domain name has gone. Apparently there weren’t enough monthly “hits” so it got suspended. Oh well, at this point it doesn’t matter. I’ve not been promoting it actively because the focus right now is still on The Gladiator Project.

As far as Ars Mechanicum itself, it hasn’t been abandoned, just placed on the back burner for now. Not completely, however, since I’m also busy writing (rewriting to second draft) the novellas and expanding them, fleshing them out. A few hours a night, except when my head fills up with imagery, then I have to write it all down before my head explodes. Next update, I think I’ll try and get some windowskins/resources up. We’ll see how it goes though.