ANNOUNCEMENT: Heading Into 2022 – What’s The Plan?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Heading Into 2022 – What’s The Plan?

Starting next year, I’m most likely retiring from Smile Game Builder and moving onto other things. This means that RPG Maker Times will also move in a different direction. While the mainstay of this blog has been RPG Maker and Smile Game Builder for quite some time now, moving into 2022, its focus will include other game engines, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, 001, and others. This is specifically with role-play games in mind, including RPG style game reviews.

Smile Game Builder

I will continue supporting the SGB Discord server and all the wonderful people there, of course, however I can. And I’ll continue with the SGB tutorials for awhile as well. I believe there’s enough material for another 10 to 20 more videos.

Additionally, development on the Market Pack will continue. I may eventually convert the models to other formats, though I’m not sure I will yet.

I will continue developing The Explorer’s Guild for SGB, but it will be sporadically as a project. This won’t be live-streamed as a dev log any more or tutorialized. That is, unless there is a significant demand for it.

RPG Game Reviews

Also transitioning into the New Year, I intend on playing and reviewing a number of RPGs for various platforms. This might be in the style of serialized videos or live-streams.

When it comes to live-streaming, however, I am NOT – and will never be – one of those over-the-top, constantly talking, extroverted streamers. My live-streams will be focusing on the game itself, its dialogue and cut scenes, and gameplay!

RPG Maker MV & MZ

Since the beginning, RPG Maker Times‘s focus has been on the RPG Maker series (from 2000 to MZ) and this won’t change. Haters don’t hate, but I’m not that enamored with MZ, so the focus will still be on MV primarily. This includes coding my QEngine MV, its add-ons and other scripts.