AMG Demo Release Date

I was asked recently on the Ars Magia: Genesis blog when a demo will be available.

The answer is: Soon! Edit: 1st December, 2010 – Video Demo.

With Version 0.9 Private Release, the current version, I’m putting the finishing touches to the menu system, working industriously on script integration and overall aesthetics. Once that’s done – and I’m satisfied with it – I’ll upload a movie clip demonstrating this part of it, along with some additional screenshots. Version 0.9 also does not have any content yet because I’ve been working on that as another, separate project prior to putting the whole thing together in Version 1.0 Public Release.

Version 1.0 is nearing completion, with some of the maps already in place. I’m in the process of customising some of the graphics and fine-tuning the map scripts, as well as two minigames. Events take place immediately after the eponymous novella (almost finished) ends. When this version is released, which I’m estimating will be around Christmas or New Year (time permitting), it will be a playable demo.

2 thoughts on“AMG Demo Release Date

  1. Seems I’ve missed quite a bit in my absence. I was a little bummed to read TGP has been put on hold, but I just viewed the interactive demo for Ars Magia 1: Genesis (I’m actually in the middle of reading the Prologue). OK, I am liking it a bit more than TGP, but I feel as if I have more “background” for the newer project.

    Anyway, I’ve got a lot more posts to read on your blogs, so I’m off!

  2. AMG has a lot more going for it I think than TGP did. TGP isn’t quite completely dead, just on hold, the primary reason being the well just ran dry. AMG is something I’ve been tinkering with on and off (writing-wise not really game-wise) for some time, so TGP will continue some time in the future, just don’t know when exactly. I’m working on getting at least a video demo online soon (fingers crossed before Xmas).