A Few Site Upgrades

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m planning a few site upgrades to make things easier.

Overall Improvements

The primary focus is on improving overall performance and speed, reducing some of the clutter that’s developed because the blogsite has become quite large. This includes rewriting the taxonomy, categories/tags, and sidebar displays and, of course, this may take some time so I’ll start with the most popular posts/pages and sections and work from there.

Improving overall SEO is also a must. Many fetch bots have encountered a few errors as well, often increasing the bounce rate and decreasing performance.

Navigation/Page Menu

The navigation is rather cluttered in my opinion and my OCD is having a fit! So I’m aiming to clean it up somewhat and recategorise things to make it easier to find. This means a reorganisation of some of the categories and pages. And I’ll be looking into an improved sitemap, something a little more dynamic.

Rehousing Scripts

I’ve been thinking about rehousing my scripts on Pastebin or Github.

This serves a dual purpose: not only will it ease the server load and prevent some of the frequent "Resource Limit" errors the site has been having lately, but it will also be much easier to find and copy/paste the scripts. Rather than having to download and/or save the scripts as text files, I think it’ll be much more convenient to be able to copy and paste them directly into the RPG Maker of choice.

Projects Overhaul

The next upgrade is to add the Projects to the navigation menu or somewhere in the sidebar so they’re easier to find.

This also brings an awareness of the projects I’m working on and makes it easier to find their updates.