A Few Quick Updates

The RPG Maker Times Newsletter

The Newsletter will no longer be published. This is for three main reasons:

  1. It was something of an experiment, primarily to see if it was worthwhile. And, indeed it was, being able to boast 5 subscribers, all within a few months. Not bad considering I didn’t actively promote it.
  2. It’s too difficult to maintain properly, since the time to update it seems very elusive these days.
  3. There’s not really enough content across the RPG Maker Times “Network” to justify it.

Therefore, as of the end of this week, it’ll be shelved and archived. Thanks to those who did subscribe.

What Happened About The Layout Change?

This was a question I was asked recently in response to a poll I conducted a while ago. The short answer was that, in order to do this, I’d need to redesign the layout from scratch. And, while it is possible, it’d take too long to completely redesign one prototype layout, let alone three or four, for public review. And then porting the existing plugins, etc. I have with the current layout. Therefore, I decided to stick with the old one. That said, with Blogger’s introduction of their “Dynamic Layouts” I may start experimenting again (to make life a bit easier).

Ubuntu Vs Windows

I’m gravitating more towards Ubuntu these days, only because it runs faster and smoother than Windows. It doesn’t load the crap that Windows does when it starts up, initially lagging the system, nor does it hunger for more resources as time goes on. I don’t have a hugely high-spec computer; it suffices for what I want it to do. Besides, money is tight, so I don’t have too large a budget to play with.

The disadvantage of using Ubuntu is primarily compatibility with Windows-based software. WINE and other programs for running or emulating Windows programs are not that reliable, as the RMVX Ubuntu Test demonstrated.

Navigation Menu Change

It’s about time the Flash nav menu at the top changed, as it lacks certain things, although I’ve not decided what to include there or how to redo it – whether to simply change its content and categories, to do away with the menu altogether and implement a more dynamic Table of Contents (including pages). Suggestions are always welcome, of course.