A Few More Updates

CW’s Scripts Compendium

There will be a downloadable demo of this, such as it is, soon. I’m just finalising the inter-script compatibility and making some last minute tweaks to it, as well as adding some additional scripts/scriptlets. The final version will probably be updated here, as well as any subsequent versions.

Mu’s Misadventures Conceptual Cartoon Strip

I briefly mentioned in a previous post, RPG Maker Times Comic Strip, about creating a kind of “live” cartoon in RMVX. I’ve already started this project, but it’s more of an experiment at this point. It’s almost entirely event-driven for the purposes of the animation, since it runs like a conceptual movie, split into several chapters. The idea behind it is to make a video of each chapter and upload it to my Youtube Videos account. The most challenging part is creating some of the custom graphics it requires, including sprites/charsets and pictures.


As mentioned above, I’ve been trying my hand at spriting. I’m still not very good at it, but at least I’m having fun. Since the RMVX tileset is very limited (and limiting), and with few specific resources online, Mu’s Misadventures required something a little more dynamic, including a sunken ship charset and custom-made characters. Well, we’ll have to see how it goes. Good practice anyway.