A Few Days Off For Updates

I have the rest of the week off (starting tomorrow), since I’m now mostly working three nights per week, so I’ve determined to update this blog and RPG Maker Times Companion, finally uploading some of the scripts.

What I’ll start doing is transfer the main downloads to RMT Companion and then change the articles in the blog to redirect to the appropriate articles, essentially using the blog as an announcement platform for new scripts or resources, etc. rather than having it as the main site.

This will then unclutter the blog and give room for other RPG Maker news (from various sources) to be placed there.

RPG Maker (the Facebook page, website and blog) are migrating to Google+. The FB page will eventually be deleted, but for now it’ll stay up. A decision proper will be made after Christmas, when all of the various projects (RPG Maker and non-RPG Maker related) come together and we know just what we’re doing. Most likely this will go ahead for the new year, but I may still keep the page active with links to the Google+ and RPG Maker Times articles/posts.

Since I bought RMVXA, I’d also like to share some of the awesome scripts that are available for it. I’ve been experimenting with it for some time and, while I’m no expert in scripting, preferring RMVX for now, am making plans to convert the Q-Engine to RGSS3/RMVXA.

I noticed that some of the resources and links on this site no longer work, so I’ll be going through the posts and correcting or deleting them. Where appropriate, I’ll also be redirecting certain links to their correct websites.

The RPG Maker Windowskins site is in dire need of updating, so that will be revamped as well, with the windowskins being properly updated and categorized. Update: All windowskins have been ported here to the Windowskins page.