Bug in Shortcodes Ultimate plugin

There appears to be a bug in the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, which affects all of the areas where I’ve used separator tabs for certain elements, notably scripts and tutorials. It appears that since plugin’s last few updates, this has been "broken", apparently ongoing for a week. I’ve been looking for alternatives, but none are on a par with this plugin. It’s unfortunate because I’ve been using this plugin for a long time across all of my WordPress blogs. Things break, yes, and are fixable, but I’ve always maintained "If it ain’t broken in the first place, don’t fix it!" Hopefully, it’ll be resolved soon. If not, I’ll continue the hunt…

Design A Logo Contest – Win RPG Maker VX Ace

Here’s your chance to win some FREE Steam keys for RPG Maker VX Ace and some resources! The RPG Maker Times logo is in need of a redesign; it’s been the same for years. So, I thought it would be a cool idea to run a contest to design a new logo appropriate for the site. Prizes Up For Grabs

Complete Chests Tutorial for RM2K3 Update

The Complete Chests Tutorial is up-to-date for RM2K3. Main Chest Tutorial for #RM2K3 complete. More added soon. Other chapters/versions soon after. http://t.co/qarJHKoclM pic.twitter.com/0C1ioOnGaJ — RPG Maker Times (@CompanionWulf) September 22, 2015 I’m planning on bringing the RMXP version up-to-date next, with RMVX/VXA next, and then creating a demo for each RPG Maker – possibly in the form of a game.

Steam Keys Giveaway #1 – Coming Soon

I recently bought Bundle Stars’ Game Makers Mega Bundle, so that means I have some extra RPG Maker VX Ace and Game Guru Steam keys (programs and resources) to give away. I’m not sure how this’ll work yet because there’s one key per program or resource. Maybe it’ll be in the form of competitions, or it might be in the form of a "first come, first served" basis. More news on this soon. EDIT: It’s been decided that there will be a competition to win a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace and 4 resource packs. Runners-up prizes are to be decided. Giveaway competition for #RPGMaker #Steam keys decided. #RMVXA…

RPG Maker 2003 Updated to v1.11

The official version of RM2K3 was updated (and released) yesterday. There are a number of bug fixes and some cool and, indeed, welcome additions to the Maker. Here are a few of them: Skip Title Screen In RMXP/VX/VXA, there are a number of scripts to skip the Title Screen, which are mostly useful during game development. It’s now possible to bypass the Title Screen completely in RM2K3 – a welcome addition for playtesting during game development. It also opens the door to another possibility: to display a pre-title sequence or an alternative, fully customized title screen. If "Use" is unchecked, RM2K3 will go directly to the map on which "Player…

Bringing Tutorials Up-to-Date

Finally, I’ve started bringing all the tutorials on the site up-to-date, starting with the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battlefield System Tutorial (now including a downloadable demo). Over the next few weeks at least, I’ll try and continue bringing the rest of the Tutorials & How-To’s up-to-date as well. Because I recently found a lot of RPG Maker things, it’s been quite useful for re-creating the tutorials, many of which I thought had been lost. I’ll go through each of them, one by one, and gradually bring them all up-to-date; this might take a while so it could spread over the course of a few months.