Updates Pending New Graphics Card

The RPG Maker Times main blog will eventually become fully integrated into RPG Maker Times Companion. The main blog will then be used for major updates (including Tutorials and Projects). Work on RPG Maker Times Companion is going slowly, only because I’m waiting for a new graphics card to arrive. Most of the pages and posts now need some form of uploading (files and images) and the coil on my current graphics card has burnt out, so it’s unstable to say the least. Each time the Explorer dialog box opens – whether to save or load files – it will crash and reboot itself. So, that means that once the…

Bank Tutorial Using Events (RM2K3/XP/VX/VXA)

Bank Tutorial The Bank Tutorial (all versions) is finally online! According to October 2012’s poll, the majority voted for a simple event-based bank system as the next tutorial. So, here it is. Note that this is not a complete step-by-step tutorial, but a rough guide for creating our banking system. Instead, each RPG Maker tutorial can be downloaded and, once installed, can be scrutinised.