Charsets for RMXP

Visit Website Here are a few decent character sets for RMXP I found. The website doesn’t have that much content, but I rather like the charsets.

How To Convert an RMVX Game To RMVXA

Here’s another essential utility for all RMVX/RMVXA users. I’ve not had an opportunity to try it out, but judging from the video it is very useful for those who have made the transition from RMVX to RMVXA. You can download the utility directly here. Caveat: It’s important to note (as mentioned in the video) that it’s highly unlikely that this utility will convert scripts, since RGSS2 and RGSS3 are vastly different. You’ll have to convert the scripts on your own or find alternative scripts.

RMXP to RMVX Ace Windowskin Converter

It’s easy to convert windowskins from RMXP to RMVX and RMVX to RMVXA, but not really from RMXP to RMVXA. This utility (in the form of a script) lets you convert RMXP windowskins to RMVXA format. And while I can’t test this out yet, it has some positive reviews so is definitely worth sharing. So, here is the link to the RGSS3 utility. Install it as you would any other script. Get the RMXP to RMVXA Windowskin Converter.

Custom Menu System [Radial] for RM2K3

This tutorial demonstrates how to create your own Custom Menu System (CMS) and “radial” menu for RM2K3. This is the first RM2K3 entry I’ve done in quite some time, but someone I know requested it so this is for you, my friend. This is the Part 1. The second part can be found here. Note: This should also work with RM2K with some tweaking.

Simple Animated Title (RMVXA)

Download Script This simple script manipulates the title (defined in the Database) and animates it, from the top of the screen to the centre of the screen above the menu. It was written specifically for the Paranormality 1: Darkling before the Trial ran out. Note: This version does not have the mouse system or the “Continue” feature implemented.

Cutscene Tutorial – RMVX

This is a very commonly asked question, so here is a good tutorial from GeniusInMotion. It’s around 30-minutes long, but it’s worth watching to give an idea of how to create a cutscene. The same principles also apply to RMXP and RMVXA, although if you’re competent at making movies from scratch RMVXA will allow you to call the movie instead.