RMVXA Windowskins

In RMVXA, windowskins aren’t really necessary since you can change the windowskin colours in the Database. However, this is the same as the standard default window prevalent in RMVX. All RMVX windowskins will work in RMVXA. Caveat: The “Window Color” will override the windowskin background colour unless you change it manually. How To Import A Windowskin Into RMVXA Open the Resource Manager (F10). Import the RMVX Windowskin into the Graphics/System and set the transparencies (the same way you would in RMVX). Open the Database (F9) and in the System tab, double-click on Window Color to change the RGB accordingly via the sliders. In the same way as RMVX, the the…

Automatic Door Script (RMXP/VX/VXA)

Visit the sitehere Setting up animated doors manually through eventing are now passé thanks to this script. It’s compatible with RMXP, RMVX and RMVXA and it definitely makes life easier! Now, instead of creating each door individually, using the same events commands with each one. The only thing you need to do is name the door event “Door”. The animation will then be displayed. View the script details here.

Free RPG Maker Project Music

Want some free BGM music for your projects? Here are some decent, upbeat, techno-styled songs. DanoSongs provides royalty free music, including one of my favourites, Today Then Tomorrow. All music can be downloaded from the site and freely used in any project, including RPG Maker ones, as they are available under the Creative Commons license. This means use them but give credit to DanoSongs in return.

The Gladiator Project Official Title Theme

The results for this month’s poll are in, with 50% votes in favour, and the winner is… Magnum Proelium – Epic Trailer Score by Walid Feghali My favourite was A Clash of Kings, but the votes are final, so Magnum Proelium it is! Incidentally, Magnum Proelium appropriately means “Grand Battle” or “Violent Battle”.

Giant Resources Archive for RMXP

I haven’t updated anything for RMXP for a while, so here’s something awesome! It’s quaintly titled “Pandora’s Box” and it certainly is full of surprises! There are a LOT of resources here; I’m tempted to reinstall RMXP just to try them all out. All of the downloads can be found here, below the video.

VX Ace Generator Parts

Visit the sitehere Here’s something for RMVXA users. It’s additional resources for the built-in generator to create your own charsets. The site can be found here. It’s been Google-translated from its original Japanese. I’ve not been able to test this out, but by all accounts it looks awesome! You can download individual parts or all of them at once. Caveat: You might have to rename the resources, otherwise there’s a chance that the defaults will be overwritten.

Character Maker XP Resources

Unfortunately, the Character Maker XP Online website is no longer available. However, there are still some character generators for RMXP. Bear with me as I finish work on Flower Mint’s Garden, my commissioned website, and I’ll be able to focus on the matter in hand again. In the meantime, there are a few RMXP Character Makers that I know of, thus: Loose Leaf Character Generator – This site is in Japanese, but it appears to work if it’s translated. Chibi Character Maker – This site allows you to create and download individual sprite sheets. The link has been translated into English from its original Japanese. Character Maker XP – Here…

Which Music Score Should Be Used For The Gladiator Project Title? – July 2012 Poll

Sit Suffragiorum Incipiunt(Let The Voting Begin)Picture Courtesy of Sodahead It’s time to vote again, this time on which music will be the “official” title score for The Gladiator Project. Listen to each one in turn before deciding. And, once again, the one with the highest votes will be the project’s title music to go along with the Animated Title. Votes can be cast on RPG Maker Times (the poll is in the right-hand panel), Facebook or on The Gladiator Project.