Happy Christmas 2010

Wishing all my visitors a Happy Christmas, wherever you are in the world. I won’t be doing too much on the RPG Maker scene until the New Year now. I’ll be continuing work on Ars Magia 1: Genesis, trying to get a playable demo. The tie-in novella should be finished by March, which will be purchasable from the weblog or this blog. I’ll be changing the layout to this blog as well, either using another template or (most likely) designing one from scratch. It’s time for a new look, as this one’s been up for close to a year now. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~Companion Wulf

Zelda Forest Maze Tutorial – RMXP/VX

Zelda Maze Demo RMXPEDIT (9 Dec 2011): Demo now available. Checked for viruses using Comodo Antivirus. Continuing with the Fun With Variables theme and as an expansion to the Simple Event-Based Random Teleport tutorial, here’s something a little different. It’s designed for RMXP but can also be adapted work on RMVX (though not the same way on RM2K3 without some tweaking). For those of you familiar with the “infamous” Forest Maze in The Legend of Zelda (for the NES) will know all about it. For those unfamiliar with it – shame on you for not playing this classic! – the aim is to find your way through the forest using…

AMG Video In-Game Features Demo

This is a video demo of some of the in-game features, including the intro through to the Status Menu. The intro will be changed later, however. Don’t forget to read the footnotes below too. Revision Edit:5 December, 2010 The video has been truncated from its original. I also added some annotations to better explain the features. Most of the scripts have been tweaked to integrate properly into the AMG system. The characters’ profile information is incomplete yet, as is the “Extra Stats” page. A complete list of scripts is available here, updated as other in-game scripts are updated. A playable demo will be released soon – though no sooner than…

Simple Event-Based Random Teleport Tutorial – RMXP/VX

As a continuation of the Fun With Variables tutorial, I thought I’d try something a little different. What if you wanted to create a simple but effective event-based map teleporter? Of course, a more complex teleport system is possible using scripts, but for the purposes of keeping things simple, events are better. This will work in RMXP and RMVX, although not the same way in RM2K3. Variables Setup To achieve this, we’ll need to create 4 variables: 0001: Randomize 0002: Coord-X 0003: Coord-Y 0004: Map ID Map Setup Next, we’ll need our maps to teleport between. For this tutorial, we’ll be using two maps and teleporting (randomly) between the two….

AMG Demo Release Date

I was asked recently on the Ars Magia: Genesis blog when a demo will be available. The answer is: Soon! Edit: 1st December, 2010 – Video Demo. With Version 0.9 Private Release, the current version, I’m putting the finishing touches to the menu system, working industriously on script integration and overall aesthetics. Once that’s done – and I’m satisfied with it – I’ll upload a movie clip demonstrating this part of it, along with some additional screenshots. Version 0.9 also does not have any content yet because I’ve been working on that as another, separate project prior to putting the whole thing together in Version 1.0 Public Release. Version 1.0…

RMVX Character Sets #1

These two charsets for RMVX (originally for RM2K3 but converted to RMVX format) were actually requested by a friend of mine. I tried creating my own, but my “artisty” skills failed me miserably. Anyway, here they are. Animals Vehicles There are some awesomely talented people out there, so the next update on resources (chipsets, charsets, etc.) will be in the form of links.

Fun With Variables #1 – RM2K3

I was bored! What can I say? So I started playing around and decided to have some fun with Variables! And why not? Better than advanced algebraic equations, which I was never any good at anyway! Random Colours In Messages What if, for whatever reason, you’d like the character’s name to be a different colour each time you speak to an NPC? You’ll only need one variable (let’s call it Randomize) and one NPC event with two Command Events in it, thus: Variable Oper:[0001:Randomize] Set, Rnd[1-19]Message: Heya, c[v[1]]n[1]c[0], how’s it going? The first line sets up the random number for the colour. Under “Variable Operations”, set the “Single Variable” to…

RMVX Character Sets #2

Here are four RMVX charsets, two of which might fit a battlefield or warzone scene and two of which are monster types. These were created at the Charas Project website. Injured Soldier #1 Injured Soldier #2 Lamia Slime Muck Clicking on the images will display them full sized (in a new window). Right-click and save them. Later, when I have the time to create some more, I’ll put them all in a convenient full charset sheet. EDIT (8 Mar 2011): I uploaded the RMVX versions instead of the RM2K3 versions, which did not convert properly anyway. I will address this soon. So apologies on my bad, bad oversight (but thanks…

RPG Maker XP Windowskins #2

View More RMXP Windowskins Here are some RMXP windowskins. These have been created using GIMP and Paint Shop Pro. Clicking on the windowskin will redirect to the full size image (opens in a new window). All Gold Halloween Paper Gold #1 Parchment #2

Poll Results – Enterbrain Take Note!

The results are in! The populace has spoken! So, Enterbrain take note! Their next RPG Maker should be a fully functional MMORPG creator, as it’s the next, best thing. MMORPGs have been around for some time now and they are big business and a rapidly growing industry. Now that would be cool! In fact, 61% of voters also think the same thing. A close second would be a “true” 3D RPG Maker, i.e. one capable of 3D graphics a la Phantasy Star and Wolfenstein 3D (or some other FPS). In total, 21% voted for this option. The MMORPG RPG Maker would have this integrated anyway. Finally, if that proved to…