Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battlefield System Tutorial

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This tutorial teaches how to set up a multi battle system similar to the one used in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, where you can clear out certain areas (represented by crossed swords in the game). It’s a simple method that can easily be adapted for your game. For convenience, the demo can be downloaded for quicker installation and study. This is a complete project, including the RTP, so it is quite large. You can extract it directly into your RM2K3 Projects folder. The Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battlefield System Tutorial, along with the downloadable demo, can be viewed here.

RM2K3 Character Sets #1

Here are some charsets I created for RPG Maker 2000/3 using Character Maker 1999. Visit the RM2K3 Character Sets page for more, then right-click and "Save Image As" to the hard drive. Do NOT save the images into your project Charset folder. Import them instead. View more RM2K3 Character Sets.

Blue Mage Skill Tutorial — Random Target

This is an expansion of the Blue Magic Skill tutorial, but instead of targeting monsters in sequence (i.e. starting with the first monster then going onto the next after that monster is slain), we can create a routine where the target is randomly chosen. This is how we create a random target for our Blue Mage skill.

Blue Mage Skill Tutorial — Method I

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The most common tutorial I’m asked for is for a "Blue Mage" skill. For those that don’t know, it’s a job class from the Final Fantasy series, where characters can learn enemy skills. Blue Mages were introduced in Final Fantasy V, which I absolutely love as much as I love the Blue Mage skill itself. I saw Momonja’s tutorial from RPG2K Net (under redevelopment at the time of writing) on Blue Magic and decided to "tweak" it slightly and improve upon it. So how do you emulate this job class? Well, there are actually several methods. Here is one of the methods on how to create a Blue Mage Skill…

What Is RPG Maker?

RPG Maker is a cool utility that allows gamers to create their own RPG games in the same vein as Final Fantasy, Chronotrigger and Zelda. It does this by allowing the use of graphics and predefined commands, which can easily be modified to suit the needs of the game being created. The first in the series (at least for the well-known versions) was RPG Maker 95 (RM95), which was very limited but served its purpose. This was soon superseded by RPG Maker 2000 (RM2K), which was an improved version of its predecessor, including a renovation of features and commands. The next incarnation was RPG Maker 2003 (RM2K3), which again offered…