RPG Maker Times Companion v3.7

Welcome to the newly revamped RPG Maker Times Companion blogsite.

As of February 13, 2014, the RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion blogs have merged.

This will now be the official blog for RPG Maker Times and will no longer be a "companion" site. The original RPG Maker Times blog will remain, but it will be used mostly for any updates that appear here.

I will be doing a lot of work on it whenever I can, primarily on my days off as time permits, tweaking keywords/tags, posts and layouts, and updating any old posts with links that no longer work. Other projects, including scripts and resources I find or produce will be updated here as well.

Note: There are still some anomalies with the layout and design (CSS), but these will be resolved as time goes by. If something isn’t working – such as "Page Not Found" or a missing link or image – check the To Do List to see if it’s being resolved. If the problem isn’t on the list, feel free to comment below, but remember we have ZERO tolerance for spam/robot comments. Thanks!

RPG Maker VX/Ace in Ubuntu

A while a go I tested RMVX on Ubuntu and, while it did run it wasn’t without its problems. Things seem to have progressed since then thanks to several updates to Ubuntu itself and Wine/Wine Tricks.

Apparently, it’s now possible to install RMVXA onto Ubuntu (11.10/12.04+ LTS) with very few hitches. Full details on the entire installation process can be viewed on the RPG Maker Web Forum.

Now, at this time I can’t test this out because my old dual-boot Windows 7/Xubuntu computer died a while ago. I haven’t bothered reinstalling Ubuntu on this one. Playtesting, which was a major issue with RMVX when I tested it, doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem here.

Hopefully, someone can benefit from this and share their experiences in the comments. I’ll probably stick with the Windows version of RMVXA for now and, in the future when I upgrade again I’ll test it out.

In Reality… Link

I found these on Cracked and thought I’d share them just for fun. If Link was a real person in the "real" world, these might be some of the things he’d be subjected to.

In Reality... Link #1

In Reality… Link

In Reality... Link #2

In Reality… Link #2

In Reality... Link #3

In Reality… Link #3

Q-Engine v4.0b + Add-Ons Released

Q-Engine Logo

Q-Engine Logo

The Q-Engine has been updated to version 4.0b, as well as the following add-ons (updated to version 2.0b):

Sprite Icon Tutorial for RPG Maker

Here’s a simple tutorial for creating custom RPG Maker icons and sprite sheets in GIMP (Photoshop should work as well since they have similar functions). I’ve been using GIMP for years and this tutorial taught me a few things as well.

This doesn’t go into too much detail on how to create quality icons, but it does give you an idea and provides the easiest way to do so.

Dragonborn – Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie/Machinima)

Dragonborn – Act I is a Skyrim fan-made movie by Yong Yea. This is quite spectacular and very well produced. This is actually a full movie, so it’s just over an hour long!

I’m always on the lookout for good machinima and Dragonborn is on the top of the list. A sequel is apparently in the works, so I’m looking forward to watching that.

Indie Game Making Contest 2014 Winners Announced

IGMC 2014 Winners Announced

IGMC 2014 Winners Announced

The Indie Game Maker Contest 2014 winners have been announced. Congratulations to:

For more winners in different categories, visit the Indie Game Making Contest 2014 Winners page.

Update: Q-Engine v4.0 Release Notes

Q-Engine Logo

The Q-Engine v4.0 is being restructured and rewritten with newer cleaner code before its final release. I’d like it to be perfect first and thoroughly tested before uploading it to the blogsite. This also includes the add-ons:

And also eventually:

  • Animated Game Over Add-On
  • Character Add-On
  • Map Add-On

If you’d like to be a pre-release beta tester, write "BETA TEST" in the comments below. Nearer the time, you’ll have exclusive access to the script right before its release to test for errors and/or incompatibilities.

Update: Windowskins

Several windowskins have been updated and added. Hover over the link to see a preview, then click the link to go to the appropriate page.

Update is where the windowskin has been updated, including description or incorrect graphic fixed. New refers to newly found and implemented windowskins, not necessarily newly created ones.

New Script: Map/Compass HUD

Map/Compass HUD Script

The Map/Compass HUD script is available. It places a window on the map displaying the current map location and the party’s compass direction (the direction in which it’s moving), as well as the XY coordinates.

Originally written specifically for my upcoming RMXP project Paranormality: Portals, but I decided to release it as a standalone plug-and-play script.

“Fortune’s Tavern” – The Fantasy Tavern Simulator

Please help support Fortune’s Tavern Kickstarter Fund to help with development.

Fortune’s Tavern is a real-time fantasy tavern-simulator, where you assume the role of Mathias Gambridge, owner of this notorious tavern. Your job is to rebuild and renovate the ailing tavern amid a turbulent world at war.

Making a profit is made difficult with infestations, hauntings and zombies, and guests bent on killing one another. There is a plethora of unique features to boost your income and make life reasonably pleasant for your guests.

There is a Kickstarter fund set up for this interesting game, so please consider contributing towards its development and you’ll receive some unique items when the game is released. Come pay day I will be making a payment towards it.

I also have the opportunity and pleasure to be one of the winners of their recent competition, earning me the right to be immortalized as a unique NPC in the game.