Map/Compass HUD Script

New Script: Map/Compass HUD

The Map/Compass HUD script is available. It places a window on the map displaying the current map location and the party’s compass direction (the direction in which it’s moving), as well as the XY coordinates. Originally written specifically for my […]

Update: Tweaks & Add-Ons Script v1.3.3

The Tweaks & Add-Ons has been updated to include: Several additional Bitmap methods – draw horizontal line and draw title – have also been added. The manual will be uploaded later.

RMXP Scripts: Tweaks & Add-Ons Script RMXP

The Tweaks & Add-Ons script is available. It adds several tweaks to RMXP, including for layout. It also adds some unavailable features and functions and other enhancements. Read more about it on the Tweaks & Add-Ons page.

Revisiting An Old Friend: RMXP

Since getting RMXP again (through the earlier Humble Bundle deal), I’ve been experimenting with RGSS again. Surprising how much I forgot. Anyway, as a side-project to the Q-Engine and The Gladiator Project, I’ve been working on some "Tweaks and Add-Ons" […]

Q-Engine Logo

Updates: Scripts And General Updates

The Q-Engine is going through another overhaul to make things easier to update and add to. The reason is simply because it’s now so big that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Here are the updates to the script and […]


RPG Maker VX Ace Half Price Thanksgiving Sale

Happy Thanksgiving from RPG Maker Web - 50% Off RPG Maker VX Ace

Happy Thanksgiving from RPG Maker Web
50% Off RPG Maker VX Ace

For Thanksgiving, RPG Maker VX Ace is half price! The sale ends December 2, so take advantage of this offer and grab a copy from Steam while you can.

Other RPG Maker related content is also reduced, including the amazing Luna Engine, which I am going to buy since it’s payday tomorrow (I was planning on getting this anyway!).

From now on, whenever similar deals occur, I’ll try and update RPG Maker Times & Companion accordingly, as well as new resource packs as they become available.

RPG Maker Times Companion v3.7

Welcome to the newly revamped RPG Maker Times Companion blogsite.

As of February 13, 2014, the RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion blogs have merged.

This will now be the official blog for RPG Maker Times and will no longer be a "companion" site. The original RPG Maker Times blog will remain, but it will be used mostly for any updates that appear here.

Otherworld Progress…Hmmm!

Progress on Otherworld is going well! Yeah, ok!

Work on Otherworld is going well! Yeah, ok!

It’s the little niggly things that cause the blank stares: a missing closing bracket here, an extra end there, or an unlinked snippet of code you really have no clue why you wrote in the first place.

Sarcasm aside, to be fair, some noticeable progress is being made on Otherworld.

I’m in the process of converting the Map/Compass HUD (for RMXP) to RMVXA but specifically designed for Otherworld.

It’s only hard-going because I’m too tired. The moral would be don’t do it right after an 8-hour shift at work, having not slept for 16 hours! I might as well go to sleep and start working on it again afterwards!

News: Ratings System Prototype

A while ago, I mentioned a ratings system, including a special award, the Wulf’s Choice Award, for exceptional games and utilities.

I’ve started developing a prototype system, which I hope will present a fair assessment of the reviewed games/utilities. It’s still an embryo, but this is how it’s progressing with a few ideas I’ve been playing with.

  • Graphics – This rating is only based on added or customized graphics and how well they’re presented in-game. The scores are not affected if a game uses the default or RTP graphics, as this will be assessed purely on their own merit.
  • Scripts – The scripts used in the game and how well they fit into the game or enhance it. The complexity of the scripts will also be used to determine the overall score.
  • Gameplay – How well the game plays, how well it’s written or constructed, and how easy it is to get into. Long intros or cutscenes may influence the overall score.
  • Playability – How likely you are to play through until the end without too much frustration; how balanced its combat system is. Too many inconsistencies, spelling or grammatical errors will also affect the overall score (there’s a separate rating for typos and spelling as well).
  • Replayability – How likely you are to replay the game to discover its hidden secrets or make other choices (as relevant). The number of hidden areas or other in-game secrets may be a big influencer for this score.
  • Music/Sound – How good the music is; how it brings dimension and atmosphere to the game. Depending on the nature of the game, bitty or poor quality music and sound effects will affect the score.
  • Errors – This primarily focuses on spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. While I won’t be too strict on grammar or punctuation, correct spelling is a must (a few typos or misspelled words are acceptable). Poor spelling makes it difficult to read and halts the flow of the game.
  • Overall – This is the overall rating for the game, based on all of the above factors. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be average-based or independently scored taking into account the above ratings.

The above ratings are for games only, with a similar, separate ratings system for tools and utilities on its way. I’ll also be working on a high quality award for the Wulf’s Choice Award, maybe with an additional option for visitors to rate the games/utilities themselves. Then, monthly, the highest scoring games/utilities will be awarded a Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze cup and will be placed in a Top 10 list.

Windowskin Conversion – RMXP to RMVX/VXA

One of the most sought-after searches (according to Statcounter anyway) is about converting windowskins between RPG Makers.

There are several methods for doing this, but one of the best and easiest ways is Hiper Windowskin Maker.

Import RMXP windowskins into Hiper Windowskin Maker and you can convert to RMVX/VXA by selecting the parts and applying them to the RMVX/VXA windowskins, which can then be saved and imported for use.

RMVXA windowskins are exactly the same as RMVX ones, so there’s no need for additional conversion. However, RMVXA’s windowskin colours (defined in the "System" tab of the Database) overrides the background graphics. For this reason, I’d recommend my RMVX to RMVXA Windowskin Tweak.

There is no definitive or reliable method that I’ve found to convert RMVX/VXA windowskins to RMXP because of the different format layout it uses. (If you know of any utilities or scripts that can achieve this, let me know and I’ll try them out.)

Update: 3D Resources Fun

As my foray into Daz3D and Bryce continues, I’m having a lot of fun creating 3D content and scenes.

I realized that Daz3D has changed a lot since I last used it – I think version 2 or 3 (it’s now up to 4.6). I also recently acquired Bryce and Poser, although I’ve not really done anything with them yet.

These aren’t particularly good, but I’ve added them here to give a rough idea of where I’m intending to go. Although Daz3D is easy to use, I’m still going through as many tutorials as I can. Getting the resources – whether charsets, portraits or battlers – just right can be time-consuming sometimes, especially when translating to RPG Maker formats.

Over the next few months (each payday) I’ll be buying some more content/resources for Daz3D, trying to fit the needs of Paranormality: Portals. I’m back to my regular weekly shifts at work again – plus an extra shift – so I may be able to spend more time on the project. That said, the resources I do create in Daz3D most likely won’t be used in Portals, but probably will in one or both of its sequels.

Projects Updates

Keep up-to-date with the latest projects I’m working on.

Paranormality Snapshot

Paranormality – An RMXP Supernatural Adventure
Paranormality Blogsite

The Paranormality trilogy focuses around paranormal investigator Jack Urban. Alyssa, his sister, disappeared under mysterious circumstances, so his mission has become to find out exactly what happened to her. His quest for the truth will take him to the Other Side and back, pitting him against some of the most nefarious daemons in the Seven Realms.

Portals (the first in the trilogy) takes the player to the beginning, when the events leading up to Alyss’s disappearance started a chain of events that would change Jack’s life forever!

Current Updates

Fortune’s Tavern: Fantasy Tavern Sim – Funded!

Fortune's Tavern: Fantasy Tavern Sim

Fortune’s Tavern: Fantasy Tavern Sim

Congratulations to the Fortune’s Tavern team! The project has been successfully funded!

I’m looking forward to playing the game and to reviewing it on this blogsite. It’s scheduled for release in the second quarter of next year but, as a backer of their Kickstarter project, I’ll receive a copy earlier so will be able to thoroughly playtest it.

I was originally interested in the project because of its unique concept. I’ve seen a few similar sim games on Steam, such as Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, but never played them. So I decided to contribute towards the Fortune’s Tavern. (Please don’t send me requests to back your project, by the way, as a few have done.)

RPG Maker VX/Ace in Ubuntu

A while a go I tested RMVX on Ubuntu and, while it did run it wasn’t without its problems. Things seem to have progressed since then thanks to several updates to Ubuntu itself and Wine/Wine Tricks.

Apparently, it’s now possible to install RMVXA onto Ubuntu (11.10/12.04+ LTS) with very few hitches. Full details on the entire installation process can be viewed on the RPG Maker Web Forum.

Now, at this time I can’t test this out because my old dual-boot Windows 7/Xubuntu computer died a while ago. I haven’t bothered reinstalling Ubuntu on this one. Playtesting, which was a major issue with RMVX when I tested it, doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem here.

Hopefully, someone can benefit from this and share their experiences in the comments. I’ll probably stick with the Windows version of RMVXA for now and, in the future when I upgrade again I’ll test it out.

In Reality… Link

I found these on Cracked and thought I’d share them just for fun. If Link was a real person in the "real" world, these might be some of the things he’d be subjected to.

In Reality... Link #1

In Reality… Link

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Q-Engine v4.0b + Add-Ons Released

Q-Engine Logo

Q-Engine Logo

The Q-Engine has been updated to version 4.0b, as well as the following add-ons (updated to version 2.0b):