RPG Maker Times Companion v4

Welcome to the newly revamped RPG Maker Times Companion blogsite. Version 4 has a new theme and better layout.

As of February 13, 2014, the RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion blogs have merged.

This will now be the official blog for RPG Maker Times and will no longer be a "companion" site. The original RPG Maker Times blog will remain, but it will be used mostly for any updates that appear here.

Sites Migration Updates

It looks as though the migration to a new host is going ahead!

I decided to go with DreamHost because they offer slightly more for VPS than my current host at a slightly lower price. DreamHost has also been recommended to me so many times by other people that I finally started looking into it.

With the main RPG Maker Times website and its subdomains moving to a new host within the next two to three months, it’ll mean no "Resource Limit Reached" errors (or very few).

Each of the projects (present and future), including Otherworld, will have their own dedicated blogs as well. (And all of the projects under the Paranormality umbrella will eventually have their own blogs, attached to the main projects blog.)

The relevant posts relating to RPG Maker Times will be retroactively changed to reflect the move. Ultimately, the purpose of this (aside from upgrading to a non-shared server) is to make it much much easier to view and to properly categorize the sections across the blogs.

Hopefully there won’t be too much disruption!

More updates as they unfold.

Tweak: Global Comma Delimeters (VX/VXA)

Following on from yesterday’s post to address an error that occurred in RMVXA, this expands on that idea.

What if you want comma delimeters globally, such as in shops when you buy and sell items?

You don’t need to fiddle with the Window_Gold, Window_ShopBuy or Window_ShopSell windows to do it. That would cause too many conflicts. Instead, we can set up a basic method to insert commas in larger numbers that affects all areas where currency is used.

This scriptlet tweak is not available for RMXP.
The refresh method is overwritten in RMVX.
With RMVXA, refresh is overwritten.

Note: This is only relevant for RMVX and RMVXA. It most likely is possible in RMXP, but due to the way RGSS is structured I’m not willing to do it, as it would require rewriting large chunks of code.

Fix: Gold Comma Separators Scriptlet

Comparison of Fixnum with String Failure

In reference to the Gold Comma Separators Scriptlet, a bug was found. It was pointed out that in RMVXA, the commas worked fine in the main Gold Window, but opening up a shop and buying items resulted in this:

Window_ShopBuy Error

Window_ShopBuy Error

And, since the previous method worked in RMXP and RMVX, but not in RMVXA, I was quite interested in finding a solution (not being one to shy away from a challenge), since I did overlook this in the first place.

A Fix Was Found

Typically, RMVXA does things a little differently. After a while, I found the solution. The Gold Comma Separators Scriptlet has now been updated with the fix.

Why It Occurred

Window_ShopBuy relies on the $game_party.gold as an integer, not as a string, so it was basically trying to compare a numerical value with a string value. The comparison returned a zero because you can’t compare numbers and strings (unless the strings are converted to integers). Hence, the error message.

A simple oversight with a fatal error. Thanks to Dahcster for finding it!

Rather than forcing a conversion, the draw_currency_value already converts the number into a string, so updating the refresh method in Window_Gold was the next logical step.

Now the next challenge is to "commify" the numbers in the shop’s bought and sold values.

It’s Official – RPG Maker Times Is Being Rehosted

Changing Hosts

It looks as though RPG Maker Times & Companion will be migrating to another host, this time a Virtual Private Server. At this point it’s still in early stages, but it’s becoming harder to maintain with all the rigmarole with the errors relating to the resource limit being reached. It’s a side-effect of a site growing too big for its clothes and needing newer bigger ones. So, it looks like this will be officialised the end of this month or next month.

After migration, there will be a few slight overall changes to the site.

Name Change

The name of the blogsite will become RPG Maker Times. This’ll make it easier in the long run. It’s actually going back to its roots. The old blog at Blogger will be renamed with "Companion" added to avoid confusion with this one.

Posts/Pages Restructure

The posts deemed irrelevant or out-of-date will be retroactively deleted and some of the content (including pages) will also be deleted or reorganised accordingly, mostly just simplified.

New Layout

The blogsite will most likely have a new layout, something that’s easy to maintain and optimize. I’ll be aiming for speed and efficiency.

Patience Comes In Little Boxes

Yes, I’m starting to lose patience with it all, but I’ll need mountains of it! The process is going to be hideous – I can tell already! – and will take a lot of time to complete. In the end, however, it should be worthwhile!

Changes For All Downloads


As of 31 March, 2015, scripts and scriptlets will no longer be downloadable directly from this website. Instead, they will become available on my Pastebin account.


Any manuals for the scripts, notably the Q-Engine and its add-ons, will be hosted and available for download elsewhere too. Most likely this will be Google Docs.

Tools & Utilities

The tools & utilities I’m currently hosting here will also be removed from the site and hosted elsewhere or links for direct downloads (for those that are still available) will be given instead.


The reasons behind this are manifold, but the major one is that, due to rapid and unexpected growth and traffic to the site, unfortunately my current host can’t handle it. As a result, there has been an increase in "508 – Resource Limit Reached" errors. While they claim "unlimited" features, because it’s still a shared server, they need to equalise the resources so they temporarily disable this site to compensate.

Therefore, in a bid to conserve those resources – at least until I can afford and justify a $60-$100 per month fee for a dedicated server – this is the way it has to be. I’m NOT happy about this, but in the end you get exactly what you pay for!

Q-Engine v4.0a Updated

Q-Engine Logo

The Q-Engine v4.0a has now been uploaded (a day earlier than expected).

The add-ons will be added tomorrow onwards.

Q-Engine v4.0a Video Showcase

The following video showcases only some of the Q-Engine’s features.

YouTube Preview Image

Map Music In Battles Scriptlet (RMXP) – New Scriptlet

Map Music in Battles Scriptlet (RMXP)

The Map Music In Battles Scriptlet enables the current map BGM to play throughout battles without pausing, disabling the battle BGM and victory ME completely.

This was based on a question at Yahoo! Answers, so I decided to expand it slightly and add functionality to make it easier to toggle on or off.

The scriptlet conveniently includes a script command to be able to turn it on or off during the game, either in a script or in the "Script" event command.

Read More

Q-Engine v4.0a Release Date

Q-Engine Logo

The Q-Engine version 4.0a (Alpha) will finally be released and uploaded on 10 March, 2015. The script and add-ons will be available exclusively on Pastebin, as will all other scripts from the middle of this month (this means that most of my scripts will no longer be self-hosted on this blogsite).

The Q-Engine add-ons to be included are:

  • Animated Title Add-On (QES-ATA)
  • Equipment Add-On (QES-EQA)
  • Status Screen Add-On (QES-SSA)
  • Combat Add-On (QES-CBS)
  • Game Over Add-On (QES-GOA)

The Game Over Add-On is not the animated version, as that is being reworked.

The Character Add-On has been temporarily withdrawn. It’s currently being reworked with elements relevant to characters being extracted from the Status Screen Add-On. The former will then be adjusted accordingly to reflect whether the latter is installed or not.

Scripts/Scriptlets Updates


I have two days off (from tomorrow) so will spend the time tweaking and updating all Scripts/Scriptlets. They’ll also be uploaded to Pastebin, providing the option to copy and paste them directly or download a text version from the site.

Saturday is my last work-night before I have a week’s holiday, which will give me the chance to finally make some proper progress on my project, Otherworld.

I’m hoping to finally publish Version 4.0 of the Q-Engine, along with its add-ons, following some additional testing and tweaks.

We’ll see how things go. My priority IS Otherworld, however, and creating something of more substance.

Vidar Has Been Funded!

A despairing RPG-Puzzler set in a town on the brink. Random storytelling. Random puzzles. Constant loss.

Congratulations are certainly in order because the game Vidar has been funded at Kickstarter!

What I’m most excited about is its complete randomness. You’re a stranger who arrives in the town of Vidar, where a monster kills someone every night. Whoever dies changes the storyline, so its replayability is very high.

I wasn’t able to back it this time – as much as I wanted to – this is one of the projects I’ve been closely following silently since its inception. It certainly looks like it would be an awesome game, especially with its randomness. So this will appear somewhere on the top of my games to buy list.